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I’m currently using the latest version of the Auth0.OidcClient (3.5.0) for .NET 6 and I am trying to configure the Logout to not display a browser window. I noticed in the SDK there is a setting in the LogoutRequest class that has a public field called: “BrowserDisplayMode”. There doesn’t appear to be any way to set this value and none of the LogoutAsync method params appear to provide a hook to this.

Does anyone know if there is a way to modify this option or is there a way to request that this become a configurable option?

Right now, as it does for everyone, the logout function causes a blank window to show up and makes for a poor user experience.

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Hi @justinh,

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You can Redirect Users with Alternative Logout, which should take them to a relevant page.

Otherwise, you can check out OIDC Back-Channel Logout.

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@dan.woda Thanks for the reply! (Sorry just getting back from Thanksgiving break) I think Back-Channel Logout may be closer to what I need but I think at that point I just need to construct a POST call to conduct logout in the background.

As it stands today, the Auth0 .NET SDK (this is for native applications) handles logout through the browser window but opens a blank window and closes it. There’s a parameter to make the logout browser call headless but it is currently not exposed to public APIs.

I may post a feature request in the Github repo itself to see if this is already being planned for release. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the update @justinh!