OIDC-client and Auth0: How to log out correctly?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are any identitymodel/oidc-client-js users as myself. Generally, I’m satisfied with this library. However, I’m stuck with logging out implementation.

Since UserMangerSettings does not include returnTo parameter, replacing it with post_logout_redirect_uri, I had to override metadata property

const manager = new UserManager({
  // config
  metadata: {
    end_session_endpoint: `${authority}/v2/logout?returnTo=${encodeURIComponent(window.location.origin)}`

When I call manager.signoutRedirect(), the browser being redirected to seemingly correct URL, such as


But, I’m still getting this error

Perhaps, I’m not seeing something obvious here, or is it just not working properly?

Which is strange because I have set Allowed Logout URLs

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@askhat, you need to either include the client_id URL parameter on the returnTo URL, or add your logout callback URL to the allowed logout URLs at the tenant level.

See https://auth0.com/docs/api/authentication?javascript#logout


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