LoginAsync hangs in admin mode

Hi ,

I am using native winform application from here to login to my web page . Auth0 WPF / Winforms SDK Quickstarts: Login.

If I run the application normally everything works fine and I am getting token from my web server. but if I run the application in admin mode , it hangs after this call forever,

await client.LoginAsync(extraParameters: extraParameters).

Can anyone please help me with this.

Hey there!

In order to handle that most effectively can I ask you to raise a GitHub issue here:

so we can work on that directly with the repo maintainers? Once you opened it make sure to share it here with us so we can ping them. Thank you!

Hi ,

I raised Github issue .

LoginAsync hangs in admin mode · Issue #30 · auth0-samples/auth0-WinFormsWPF-oidc-samples · GitHub.

Thanks .

Perfect! I’ll ping the repo maintainers in a few minutes!

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