Login using Delphi 2007

I am trying to add Auth0 login to a legacy Delphi 2007 application. As there are no native packages available for Delphi 2007, I chose to do this using JavaScript in an embedded browser. I manage to load and show the login screen, and it manages to detect if the entered username/password is valid or not.

My challenge is to get to the id_token and authtoken. I have a function handleAuthentication, but it doesn’t seem to be called. Problem probably is that it is supposed to be called on the callback page, and since I am running the JavaScript locally in the embedded browser without a web server I haven’t been able to redirect to a page that can handle the authentication without Auth0 saying my callback page is not allowed. as it is a path on my file system, that could be different for each user.

Any idea how to do this right?

My Login page I start at is below:
<!doctype html>


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