Login Required when accessing protected routes

I used Auth0 with my Vue.js app through the auth-vue SDK. I set up Auth0 and added a middleware authGuard for protected routesof the app.

But, I have a problem:

  1. When a user tries to go to a secure page without logging in, like “https://localhost:8080/dashboard/list,
  2. Instead of going to the login page, they see a blank screen, and in the console, there’s an error message saying, “Login required.”

In the Auth0 logs, there’s an error that says “silent authentication failed.”

script.js:1 Error: Login required
    at new t (auth0-spa-js.production.esm.js:1:1)
    at t.fromPayload (auth0-spa-js.production.esm.js:1:1)
    at r (auth0-spa-js.production.esm.js:1:1)

Hi @sayanth-perfagents,

Could you please share some code snippets of your implementation?

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