Login redirect with infinite loop 2

Hi everyone, I hope you are okay.

I’m having the same issue than this topic: Authorization_code grant

I don’t know why, The account handles two tenants, the production one with same settings is okay, but the dev one isn’t. I hope you can help me, because this is preventing us user creation normally, for creating users we need to go to machine to machine application and set token endpoint to POST instead of NONE, and after creating the user we need to set it back to NONE for login and this is really annoying because we have the client app ready for a normal operation, not this, and for creating users I need to do it to the backend level. Please help with this.

p.s I’ve posted this in the past and nobody is answering for this, our team needs a solution.

Hi @edinson.martinez,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

If I understand correctly it sounds like you’re using the same client for M2M operations as user logins, is that accurate? Feel free to DM me your tenant and client name, it would be helpful for me to see the current configuration if possible.


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Not sure about it. We have different tenants and a SPA with M2M application in both tenants. The login operation is done in the SPA

I sent you my tenant data, not answering back, thanks in advance

@matt.g I’m still waiting for answer and I sent you what you asked for

Hi @edinson.martinez I’m so sorry for the delayed response, the dm notifications weren’t making it to my inbox for some reason. I have a couple follow up questions that are specific to your tenant so I’ll send those to you via DM right now.

Thank you,