Login partially lost when .NET app restarts

Hello all, I could use some help here.

I have two different .NET 6 applications that I am using Auth0 for login on. One is a Blazor app, the other is an MVC web app. For both, I followed the instructions from Auth0 for how to set them up, and login/logout works great, scopes and all that are also working well.

The problem I am having is whenever my app restarts (this problem happens with both of them), the logins are partially lost. What I mean by that is, if my app restarts on its server (I am hosting it as a Docker on DigitalOcean and i notice this particularly when I deploy and the site restarts) if I refresh a tab which was previously logged into my site via Auth0, suddenly it shows that I am no longer logged in. Stranger still, Auth0 still thinks I’m logged in, because if I click to log back into my site, I get redirected to Auth0 and then immediately redirected back to my site without being prompted for credentials. And when I get back to my site, now I’m logged in again and everything is dandy.

What is the disconnect here? What am I missing? Why does the site seem to lose track of the fact that the user is logged in, even though Auth0 has not?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Can anyone help me with this?