Login_hint does not prefill username


I am implementing the Universal Login Form and passing login_hint to prefill username. The value I pass does prefill email but it does not prefill username as stated in the docs.

Please help! Thank you!

Hi there @nicole.ampersand!

I believe this is designed to fill the email only, but I will need to confirm internally. Are you looking to prefill username only?

Let me know!

Hi @tyf, yes being able to just prefill the username would be great. Thanks for checking!

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Hi there @nicole.ampersand! Sorry for the delay on this one - Do you mind sharing a screenshot for what you are seeing and any related config?

I suppose I am not clear - I am using login_hint in auth0-react with a database connection configured to require a username. Both username or email address are allowed in the same field as pictured below.

Let me know!

Hi @tyf apologies, this is specifically for the signup form. Since the two fields are separated when signing up, only the email address gets filled with login_hint.

Hi @nicole.ampersand no worries, thanks for confirming! Unfortunately, it does not look like the username field specifically is able to be pre-filled in the way that email address is.

I definitely recommend creating a feedback request for this as I imagine this could be quite useful for other developers as well.

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