Login / Autorize failed. Not return APP

Good Afternoon,

I have a problem with my app.
I login sucess, but not return app.


<preference name="AndroidLaunchMode" value="singleTask" />

widget id=“io.ionic.starter”
plugin name=“cordova-plugin-customurlscheme” spec=“4.4.0”
variable name=“URL_SCHEME” value=“io.ionic.starter”
variable name=“ANDROID_SCHEME” value=“io.ionic.starter”
variable name=“ANDROID_HOST” value=“sandovalchrist.auth0.com
variable name=“ANDROID_PATHPREFIX” value="/cordova/io.ionic.starter/callback"

// auth.config.ts
export const AUTH_CONFIG = {
clientID: ‘XXXX’,
clientId: ‘XXX’,
domain: ‘sandovalchrist.auth0.com’,
packageIdentifier: ‘io.ionic.starter’

import Auth0Cordova from ‘@auth0/cordova’;

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
(window as any).handleOpenURL = (url: string) => {

Page Setting:
Allowed Callback URLs: io.ionic.starter://sandovalchrist.auth0.com/cordova/io.ionic.starter/callback
Allowed Logout URLs: io.ionic.starter://sandovalchrist.auth0.com/cordova/io.ionic.starter/callback
Allowed Origins (CORS): http://localhost:8100, file://*, http://localhost/

Help please.

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I see two related Github issues:

Are you using the latest versions of the SDKs and dependencies?

(btw: @sandovalchrist Could you code-format the code, it’s hard to read and not sure where one file ends or whether it’s all in one single file. Thanks.)

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Thanks, but I dont login.
I can´t return app

npm install auth0-js
npm install --save @types/auth0-js
npm install auth0-lock
npm install angular2-jwt

Other idea?


Hi has anyone figured out the issue from @sandovalchrist?

I have the same configuration and setup and also not getting the app to return after a successful authentication from auth0. Getting:

Uncaught ReferenceError: handleOpenURL is not defined at :1:1

I have it defined in my index.html… it works perfectly in IOS and returns to my app with the acess_code.
Any help is appreciate it.



Hola, he podido dar con el problema.-

Toda la configuracion esta bien. Lo que esta mal es la configuracion en Auth0.

Hablo de Android, no he podido verificarlo en IOS porque no tengo ningun dispositivo para testearlo.

Toda la info llega a que en la seccion de Auth: (Allowed Origins (CORS)) se coloque : file:// pero esto no funciono para mi. Si funciono con http://localhost

Despues de autenticar la pagina retorna a la APP con la informacion de redes sociales.

Espero que les sirva.

Hi I solved the issue by using the InAppBrowser plugin instead when it’s an android device.

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