Logging in with LinkedIn logs user out of Linkedin.com itself

I’m using the LinkedIn integration for my browser extension via universal login. Other than working out some basics around user flow and technically getting it to work in the wake of AuthO abandoning support (to the point of deleting repositories and npm packages in the last year or two), I’ve been able to get things working.

This issue used to happen only occasionally, and now it’s every time I (when manually testing) try to log into my application (browser extension).

In general, the integration has an incomplete list of grant types/attributes selectable only via checkbox, so some grants I’m entitled to I don’t get back from LinkedIn… but this logging a user out of LinkedIn.com itself when they login to my software is problematic to the point that I am beginning to see Auth0 as an untenable decision.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m using the SPA library/package in a popup because cross-origin iframes are both uncool and are now problematic, with browsers finally starting to make moves to care about protecting users from CORS issues/attacks.

If you’d like to see what’s happening first hand, the extension can be installed here HireRank (beta) - Chrome Web Store