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Lock 11 for web is removing URL Parameters


Lock 11 for web is removing URL Parameters.

Say we have an app at

and we go through Lock V11 for web authentication, when it successfully authenticates, the page it loads is just without the URL parameter. (Note if you press the ‘previously logged in as’ button, it will keep the parameters)

I’ve tried adding
this.lockOptions = {
auth: {
redirectUrl: window.location.href

which does work in that it redirects to the page with the parameters, however it seems to not hit this listener in that case:
this.lock.on(“authenticated”, $.proxy(this.onLockAuthenticated, this));
which means we aren’t hitting our own code that saves the user credentials and therefore it just loads the login page in a loop.

I was on Lock 11.2.2, and I’ve just tried 11.7.2.

How can we ensure that Lock for Web loads the page with URL parameters after authentication?


Looks like this is solvable with the following lock configuration option, although I have no idea why:

  auth: {
    redirect: false
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