Load profile for Autho token aquisitions

Hi all,

I really want to understand the load profile for oauth/token endpoint.

  • Generally for Auth0 private cloud deployment model , how many token aquisitions can happen in a second.

  • Also is there any limits on Management Api calls in Auth0

Hi @rohit.pandey,

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I’ll link our Rate Limit policies below for both the Authentication API, which includes the /oauth/token endpoint, and the Management API. If an endpoint is not specifically listed, then it would fall under the API’s global rate limits or the ‘All Endpoints’ category.

For Private Cloud deployments, the rate limits would be determined by the service tier that is selected in your enterprise agreement, e.g. Basic, Performance, or Performance Plus. These service tiers and their rate limits are described in each document below under the section labeled Private Cloud rate limit policies.

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