Linking to pre-loaded user details

Is it possible to pre-load some minimal user creation details, e.g. just email and some user_metadata, perhaps via the API and have this be linked to a social user when they first sign in?

Hi @mark.hall,

What do you mean pre-load? Send them as a request from the app? or have the user input them from the login form?

Hi @dan.woda,

We would send as a request to the Auth0 API from the app.
Onboarding users is likely to be done as a batch job for our system.



Hmmm well it is not possible to create user’s for an upstream IDP like google or facebook.

You can create a database user and link the account like this:


Another solution would be to create a rule that enriches their profile the first time they log in. The rule would make a call to your backed / API with their email and your backend would respond with the data and add it to their app_metadata.

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Thanks - that makes sense.

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Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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