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Link Button on Homescreen on iPhone does not work



The problem below exists only for iOS devices (Chrom on Andoid works as expected).
For quick access to my app I want to add a homescreen icons on the desktop. After login on Auth0 I end up on the actual app. Then adding the app to the homescreen cerates an icon but when I try lo launch the app via the homescreen icon the following error apprears:
{ error: “invalid_token”, error_description: “‘state’ does not match”}
It seems that the URL behind the homescreen icon contains an access_token/state which is not valid anymore:…&expires_in=7200&token_type=Bearer&state=4VQhV3D1uf6sjxJVZ51mqHe.E3nT2KfU
Did anybody had similar problems with iOS homescreen icons? Any suggestions?


Solved by programatically removing the GET-params with:
window.history.pushState({}, document.title, ‘/’);