Limit the number of active users on Application

I’m trying to found a way to restrict the number of active users on an application.
Is it something doable through actions ?

Like when a user login, get all active tokens on the application and if it’s above the limit, revoke the oldest token…

I’m open to suggestions ^^

Hey @AnthonyDaSilva !

Hmm good question - I can’t think a good way to go about this unfortunately. You’d most likely want to focus on a user’s session rather than tokens, but other than logout endpoints there isn’t a great way to do this. It would also be difficult to determine/decide on the “oldest” session and could make for a poor UX :confused: While not exactly the use case described, you could effectively deny user’s in Action based on the number of users already associated with a client_id - This approach is not straightforward either and would take a bit of legwork.

Hey @tyf

Thank you for your response.
I understand it’s a tricky thing to do. I’ll experiment and try some things.

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Happy to help where I can :slight_smile: Keep us posted!