Get refresh tokens count

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recently we all got emails about 200 refresh token limit and we got that one of our tenants are exceeding this limit. We are trying to find which users are hitting this limit. Is it possible somehow see which users are hitting this limit through admin panel?

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Is there a log for this error? It may list the user in question.

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Hi @dan.woda.

Same question here. I did not find a way to identify the user(s) which hit this limit. The log documentation mentions the error type resource_cleanup, but nothing to find there. Maybe because the rule will be activated at October 17th for us. But we’d like to take action beforehand.

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I have the same issue. Is there a way to find users that are exceeding the limit?

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Could you please DM me the name of your tenant so I can take a look?

I am having the same issue. How to find out this also @dan.woda I have DM you please help us out.