Limit on number of 3rd-party client applications


I have a inquiry regarding 3rd-party client authentication. We want to open up our API so that our customers can automate certain tasks without needing to use our web application. From my understanding, this means we need to create a 3rd-party client application for each customer and provide the customer the client ID and client secret, which they’d use to authenticate from their backend service (i.e. the client credentials grant flow:

Looking at the pricing page, this is listed under Enterprise Addons (Machine to Machine Auth). Does this mean the ability to create third-party client apps and use the Client Credentials Grant flow is restricted only to enterprise customers? Or is it possible to use under a Developer or Developer Pro plan?

Also, is there any limit / pricing information around the number of third-party client apps, since it’s possible we might end up with hundreds or thousands of them?

Did you find out any more information regarding this? We are looking at implementing a similar thing and it would be good to know of any future limits.

I don’t think there are any restrictions about the number of clients (applications) you can create.
I’ve created over 4000 applications via script and I didn’t get any error so far, with the free plan.

Machine-to-machine tokens are listed in the developer pro plan.

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