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I haven’t been able to find any kind of documented intention or policy around how long the old versions of the nextjs-auth0 SDK/package will be maintained and supported. Is 1.x currently being maintained/supported? Is there an expected EOL for older SDKs or package versions? (specifically nextjs-auth0 1.x). I would like to use this information to make a decision about prioritization of the upgrade to 3.x.

Thank you!

Hi @mltsy-a16z,

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I can’t find any official guidance on support for nextjs-auth0 v1 and it looks like there haven’t been any updates to that major version.

I’ll see what our team says and let you know.

Hi again @mltsy-a16z,

I spoke to the team, here’s the summary of their response:

We don’t have an official support schedule for old versions of the nextjs-auth0 SDK and wouldn’t expect v1.x to receive any updates unless there was some necessary justification like a major vulnerability, or something of that nature.

Thanks for looking into that!
Sounds like it won’t be improved or maintained for new compatibility, etc, but any major security issue would probably still be addressed… for at least a while. Appreciate knowing that.

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No problem! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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