Laravel, Vuexy, Vue, JWT

Hi everyone,

I hope I am posting this in the right place, apologies if not.

I am having some difficulties implementing Auth0 in my application, I am running Laravel (backend) with Vue (frontend).

I am using vuexy that bosts integration for this Link Here however I think this is using the Vue configurations not Laravel.

I have tried to get my application to work using both the vue quickstart and the laravel quickstart.

I have successfully logged users in and out however where it falls down comes into play when attempting to store user detauls (name,sub,email and token) locally to my database using CustomUserRepository.php.

I am not the most technical so please bare with me but I would appreciate any support around getting this set up correctly.

Should I be using the vue quickstart, the one built into vuexy or laravel quickstart?

Am I missing something?

I have managed to get everything working on the auth0 side:
Although it would be useful if it didnt automatically log the user back in when they hit logout.

The bigger issue is that the user is still not getting created in the database, I have updated the database and migration files removing password field and including the sub but still no luck.

update: i have checked the JWT token and this is calling back the correct infomation

Regarding the silent auth, I think this is looping as I get the following in my console when hitting “logout”