Laravel Nova administration panel with Auth0

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it was possible to implement Auth0 with Laravel Nova. Is it even possible?

Hi @Ruitjes :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Lead on the Laravel SDK here. :wave: We’ve not tried it ourselves here on the SDKs team, but as long as it uses the standard Laravel Guard API it should be possible. You’d most likely need to write a custom UserProvider in order to return a user model compatible with their system (example of that here.)

The only reference I was able to find from a customer on using the plugin with Nova is very old, so it’s not relevant to the SDK usage anymore, or necessarily indicative of how Nova works, but they provided a tip that might be useful in your integration: How can I get auth()->id() as integer · Issue #137 · auth0/laravel-auth0 · GitHub (Keep in mind that the SDK has changed a lot since 2019 and you’ll need to make adjustments for API changes.)

If you do attempt to use the SDK with Nova, please let us know your experience, I’d be interested to know and, if there are changes we can make to improve the experience there, I’d like to make sure we get those captured.


After some work we have got a working Nova4 installation with Auth0.
Maybe there’s something to try and catch, maybe there’s dirty code etc… but is working, so there’s our 2 cents: Gist



Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!