Laravel Auth::user()

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: Laravel
  • SDK Version: auth0/login 7.1 / auth0/auth0-php 8.2.1
  • Platform Version: PHP 8.1, Laravel 9.25

I have an existing application that I built with standard built in authentication. As a result I reference auth()->user() all throughout my app and it returns a regular user model that’s looked up in my Users table.

I currently have auth0-php 7 implemented instead of the old Laravel package since the Auth0 Laravel package doesn’t return a User and instead returned an Auth0 class instead.

I’ve upgraded to Laravel 9 and at the same time I’m looking to bring my Auth0 package up to date. Auth0-PHP 8 requires some major updates anyways so I’m looking at implementing the Laravel package directly.

TLDR; Is there any way to configure the auth0-login laravel package so that auth()->user() returns an eloquent user instead of an instance of Auth0\Laravel\Model\Stateful\User?

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Hi @stanley :wave: You could implement this sort of approach using custom user models and repositories. You can find an example of how to do this in the README.

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I think he’s referring to this laravel-auth0/ at main · auth0/laravel-auth0 · GitHub

But I’m confused. The example in the wiki will return a NEW user model.
The CustomUserRepository could be easily altered to return an EXISTING user model, but is this the right way to do it?

Maybe instead we should keep on using the normal “web” guard and just loginIn our users once we receive the green light from Auth0? IDK…