Laravel: Invalid state after signup/login with google

I am using login1 folder of github example app, because the one we can download from ‘download sample app’ is frozen at a lower laravel version than we need.

When we try to signup using Google (it’s enabled in app’s settings), we are returned to our callback page with the following 2 params

code=......&state=g6Fo2SBpc..... NkgMW5sQTJ6cWJUYjVLRkc4VEdxQVdseUJVRnJoV2JhVno#

When auth0 package arrives at this point

if (!$this->stateHandler->validate($state)) {
      throw new CoreException('Invalid state');

It fails.

Investigating I reached SessioneStateHandler.php file and it does this

public function validate($state) {
        $valid = $this->store->get(self::STATE_NAME) == $state;
        return $valid;

where self::STATE_NAME is webauth_state.

So I am here to ask where to change the expected state_name ?
Or can web change the returned param name from state to webauth_state ?

It’s very sad the official code is broken.


Damn, If I manually change callback url parameter from state to webauth_state, all works !

What is happening?


I was reading the manual quickstart and i see that

 public function login()
    $authorize_params = [
        'scope' => 'openid email email_verified',
        // Use the key below to get an Access Token for your API.
        // 'audience' => config('laravel-auth0.api_identifier'),
    return \App::make('auth0')->login(null, null, $authorize_params);

Actually the code on github uses this code for login

 * Redirect to the Auth0 hosted login page
 * @return mixed
public function login(Request $request)
    return \App::make('auth0')->login(null, null, ['scope' => 'openid name email email_verified'], 'code');

Can it be this ?!

Help, I’m totally lost

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