Laravel 10+ Incompatibility

It’s quite frustrating that despite claims on the GitHub repo, Laravel 10/11 support hasn’t been implemented yet.

Your composer.json lists illuminate/support as a requirement, making the package incompatible with Laravel 10 or higher due to overlap with laravel/framework, which seems to have integrated illuminate/support’s functionalities.

I get the reason for including illuminate/support in your composer.json, aiming to support various Laravel versions in one SDK version. However, Auth0 needs to decide:

  1. Stop supporting Laravel 9 (since Laravel has stopped fixing bugs for it) and ensure the package works for Laravel 10+.
  2. Launch a major SDK version that only supports Laravel 10+, and manage Laravel 9 updates through minor version releases for both 9 and 10.

The current state is inefficient for package management, and oddly, mentions of Laravel 9 or 10 support have been removed from your, suggesting you’ve dropped Laravel 9 support. So, why keep illuminate/support?

Could someone please address this?