Laravel 10 Auth0 SDK 7.6 redirect loop

We are experiencing the issue described here New guard logic in v7.5/v7.6 breaks $guard->check() · Issue #384 · auth0/laravel-auth0 · GitHub - we created a brand new Laravel project for this, installed the SDK, followed instructions exactly as shown here GitHub - auth0/laravel-auth0: Laravel SDK for Auth0 Authentication and Management APIs.. What happens is that we visit a protected route (works), it redirects to the universal login (works), we login (works), then bounces back to the intended page → login route ->intended page → login route → … another user reported the same issue here (New guard logic in v7.5/v7.6 breaks $guard->check() · Issue #384 · auth0/laravel-auth0 · GitHub) and gave a workaround but we cannot get this to work following Auth0 SDK instructions, non-stop loop. Guards/providers/routes copied and checked as-is from the SDK instructions, simple setup, only a few test routes to get this going, no luck just redirects over and over…


Did you found any fix regarding this? I am also facing the same error. Also, how to use laravel spatie's permission instead of auth0's permissions in my application? 

Please help me since, I am unable to find any proper guide on new version of Auth0 SDK.