JWT solaris compiling library

Our company decided to use the jwt library. There was a compilation problem. The project is developed on solaris. Language C. The system does not know how to work with “cmake” files. I can’t find documentation or an example for compiling a library for solaris.
I will be glad of any help.

Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t offer any content or guidance on integrating with solaris unfortunately. If you’d like to advocate for that I would encourage you to create a topic in our feedback category here:

  • * Hello again. We spent a lot of time to solve the problem. The situation is rare, but I think it can help a few people.

Our actions:

  1. Updated version of gmake. Must be later than 2010
  2. Of all the jwt versions, only this library was suitable: GitHub - benmcollins/libjwt: JWT C Library
  3. Run : autoreconf -i
  4. Run : ./configure MAKE=“gmake”
  5. in dir libjwt run: make
    library is ready

P.s. To create dependencies, you also need to have all the necessary libraries.
P.s.s. We have a fairly old project, 32-bit, and Solaris 64-bit. We added the "-m32 " parameter to CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS
Good luck

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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A few more edits…
The selected library runs on the “jansson” json library, but your project may have a different json library. As a result of use, there is a conflict of function names, which will lead to segmentation errors: This library does not play nicely with json-c · Issue #113 · benmcollins/libjwt · GitHub

If the project is small, then rewrite it using the jansson library. We have a large project and we use the json-c library, so we rewritten the jwt under json-c.
Unfortunately, I can’t post the code, because it will be considered that I violated economic security.

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Thanks for adding the context!

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