JWT autologin is possible?

Hi everybody! I have a question for the community… Is there a way to send the JWT to a spa and ejecute a kind of autologin, and login the user into de page via auth0 library?

My bassic example is login into a spa and get de jwt. Then open an incognit mode browser and login by using this jwt.


Hi there @ldibello welcome to the community!

It sounds like you might be interested in silent auth - Some more context can be found in the following post:

Unfortunately, incognito is designed to be an isolated browser session and thus this won’t work between a standard browser window and incognito.

Hope this helps!

To know If a user should be automatically logged in after reopening a new tab, closing window, etc. I read out the data of the localStorage and initiate the vueX store at the beginning with loggedIn and user.

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Ok, but the problem resides on passing Access Token from app native to external browser, thats why I put the incognito browser example, because its something similar.

So I thinks its not gonna be possible by oauth2 standards.

Regards and thanks for our replies.

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