JWT access-token without sending an audience to /authorize endpoint?

How a client can get a JWT access-token without sending an audience parameter to /authorize endpoint, during authorization-code flow?
I’m integrating with a 3rd-party which I do not have control over the ‘audience’ parameter sent to the /authorize endpoint during authorization-code flow.
As a result, the 3rd-arty client receives an opaque access token, not jwt, and cannot access my service.

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There isn’t a way to get the token as a JWT when the only intended audience is an internal Auth0 userinfo API. This is because the tokens aren’t intended to be consumed by a client or other resource.

It sounds like your service should be the intended audience if I understand your description correctly. If your service is meant to be the default audience on the tenant you can use the default audience setting to automatically append it to the requests from any applications in your tenant.

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