JavaScript and Photos: Read, Edit, and Erase Location and Other Exif Metadata

An introduction to the Exif metadata that digital cameras and smartphones include in photos, and how to read, write, and erase it using JavaScript and the Piexifjs library.
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Hey @robertino.calcaterra! I have had I lot of trouble trying to extract EXIF metadata from iPhones of any model. Is there any trick to getting the Apple OS to expose this information?

Reaching out to Joey to potentially help you on that front

Hey, Brian!

My guess is that you’re trying to read the EXIF metadata from iPhone photos in their native HEIC format, and Piexifjs doesn’t read HEIC. You’ll need to convert them to JPEG first.

There is a library called exif-heic-js, which is a library for reading EXIF metadata from HEIC files. It may be what you need if you don’t want to go through the process of converting HEIC files to JPEG.

— Joey

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Thanks for helping on this @AccordionGuy !