Issuer ID discrepancy

Hello everyone! I have a quick question regarding Auth0’s Issuer id, in the case where Auth0 is a SAML Identity Provider.

After creating an application, and setting up SAML2 in the Addons, the Usage tab tells me that the issuer for my app is “urn:auth0dev-w1ugjarb”. However, when I analyse the SAML Response I get from Auth0 upon logging in, using a tool such as, the issuer I find is “”; similar, but… not the same. To make the integration work in the first place, I had to fix my service configuration to accept the latter id rather than the former.

I am trying to write documentation for users of our service to use Auth0 as an Identity Provider; is there a way for them to find the proper issuer id without having to manually inspect SAML Responses?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

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