Issue User is logged out when tab close and cannot login again

Having issues when closing the tab and reopening it.

The user is logged out and the console presents an error about same-site cookie.

Already read about the same site issue, but still looking for some solution in the code/panel or anywhere.

Using the React Sample. No changes in the code.
You can see the deployed app here:

To reproduce the error:

  • Access
  • Close the tab
  • Try to access again
  • F12 to see the console and see the error

Expected behavior:

  • Access
  • Close the tab
  • Try to access again -> user is still logged in
  • No errors in the console

Thanks for considering my request

Hey @FerJSsilva, when you get a chance can you please capture the workflow you described with a HAR file and direct message it to me along with the tenant name you are working with? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sent you a private message with the instructions and more information about the error.


Do I need to make any changes in React SPA Sample to work?

I need to know if need to make any changes in the code, or if it is an issue of the library.

Have any information about the error?

Building out the sample here to try to get to the bottom of this. I will let you know what i find. Thanks!

Any news?! Please send me some help.

I’m trying to convince my client to use Auth0.
If necessary I can make a new account for him and we would pay for support.

Thanks J.M.

After confirming with another engineer, our main recommendation is to make sure your SDK (if any) is up-to-date. We’ve already made some changes on the server side to address cookie handling. Depending on your configuration you may need to make some changes to cookie handling within your application. We have a document on this:

And some additional exposition here:

If you’re using recent versions of our SDKs cookie handling should generally be taken care of for you, but if you’re manually making HTTP calls you may need to confirm the cookie attributes. In any case there’s no substitute for functional testing–I strongly recommend enabling the new cookie behavior in Chrome for testing:

to test the effect of the new Chrome behavior on your site or cookies you manage, you can go to chrome://flags in Chrome 76+ and enable the “SameSite by default cookies” and “Cookies without SameSite must be secure” experiments.

Ok, the problem is that no changes were made. And it is not working.
I’m not using any SDK, just the React Sample that we use when we download a sample app.

If the sample app is not working, I don’t have any sample to rely on.

I will read those articles carefully and try to remake every step from the beggining.

I will tell you if it worked after it

Would it be possible for you to share the repo with us that you created so we can give it a look? Thanks!

Following up on this request and to check on how things are going? Thanks in advance!

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