Is twitter authentication broken for everyone?

Seems like twitter authentication is broken since twitter migrated to last week

Hey there @ojas welcome to the community!

I just tested in my own environment and was able to authenticate using the X social connection without issue - Can you reproduce this by testing the connection in your tenant directly?

If you add a new twitter account in your browser, and try to authenticate auth0 with the new account, you wouldn’t be able to.

Hi @ojas – Are you using Auth0’s dev keys (for non-production tenants) or your own dev keys for this connection?

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Good question @kazemi :slight_smile:

FWIW I just tested creating a new Twitter account and was still able to authenticate successfully - I am using my own consumer API key/secret.

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Yes, for now, even on non-prod, folks should use their own consumer API key/secret for Twitter (X). Auth0’s dev key/secret stopped working after Twitter deprecated v1.1 of their API. Until services are updated to use v2 of their API, please use your own consumer credentials. You only need the free tier for authentication: Twitter API Documentation | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

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