Is there any possibility to resolved the access denied error after login

Hi guys, I am facing an “access_denied” error after login. Is any possible solution to overcome this error?. Here is my flow of login:
a) When I try to login with useRedirect webHook of auth0 , after putting credentials and click to submit/login
b) Then I called an action in the dashboard where I put some code for my requirement and calling the API request by doing with Axios.
Note: This error is not persistent but occur sometimes , so I am get stuck , How I can resolve this.?

Hi @MWA35,

It sounds to me like your Post-Login Action script is preventing you from logging in.

There is likely a piece of code calling the api.access.deny() method in your script, which is responsible for the error you observed.

You can verify this by checking your failed login logs and seeing the details involving your access denied error.

Please let me know how this goes for you.


Thanks for the reply @rueben.tiow. I have go through in my action logic, now the issue has been resolved.

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