Is there an easy way to get a user access token for testing?

New to Auth0. I know the API section gives you a way to get a m2m access token. I have a user in the user management section. We’re using the Authorization Code Flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange. Is there an easy way to simulate a login and get an access token to test in our API?
Thank you and sorry if this question has been answered before

Hi @aryou,

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We don’t have a user impersonation feature, if you are trying to get tokens for existing users for which you do not know their password.

If you want to get a token for a test user, you could use the Authentication API Debugger Extension, set up the Resource Owner Password Flow (this allows you to directly exchange username/password for a token without the login widget), or use the “Try Connection” feature with dev tools to inspect the request and grab the token.

Thank you so much Dan. I will try this

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Let us know how it goes!

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