Get access token for a user using management credentials

I occasionally want to be able to log into a user’s account, for testing & debugging issues from their point of view, and accurate reproducing what they’re seeing.

To do so, I need to be able to get an access token for the user, but I can’t see an easy way to do that outside of the normal login flow. As the owner of an application, how can I do this?

If it makes a difference, all my users are passwordless, so they don’t have credentials anywhere. I would prefer to do this without sending a login code email to them though, since that’ll be confusing and annoying.

I can imagine lots of hacky solutions (change their email, log into the account, change it back immediately afterwards) but I’d like a cleaner option, preferably something I can easily automate into my own admin toolbox.

Hi @pimterry,

Unfortunately there is no impersonation feature currently available. We have offered this previously but since deprecated it due to cross site resource forgery concerns.


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