Is there a way to "reset" the create-passkey prompt?

I’m implementing passkey support via react-native with auth0, calling the authorize function from the useAuth0() hook. When a user signs up, they’re prompted to create a passkey, but have the option to check a box to “not ask again” about creating a passkey. Is there a way to “reset” that setting so the user is re-prompted? I can’t find anywhere in my auth0 dashboard or via the management APIs that this setting is stored, and trying to “clear” things locally with the ASWebAuthenticationSession doesn’t seem to change things either, so I can’t tell if this is a setting that auth0 is storing somewhere or if it’s something device-specific?

Any help/tips/pointers would be appreciated.

Hey @quinnj ! Local enrolment is based on a cookie, specifically the did cookie. If you clear that if will result in showing the prompt on the next login attempt.

More info: Passkey Prompt: Reset the Timer for "Don't show me again"

Let me know if this helps !

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