Is there a way to hide the authentication and token request in the network tab?

Hi. I’m trying to implement auth0 in my react project, however I noticed something, each time I reload the home page of my project, I can see the token and authentication request in the network tab of Chrome.

Is there a way to hide those request?

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The behavior you’re observing, where you can see the token and authentication request in the network tab of Chrome when you reload the home page, is likely due to the authentication flow that your application is going through.

The requests you see are likely part of the authentication process, such as exchanging a code for an access token or refreshing tokens. These requests are essential for your application to maintain user sessions and handle authentication securely, and you are not able to hide these requests.

Hi @dawid.matuszczyk

Thank you for your information!
But I have a question here:
Is there any risk that the user will see the response from that request?

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Hung Nguyen.

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If the exchange happens in the user’s browser (on the user side), they can access the response’s content. If the response carries sensitive information about other users (or different secure information), you add an additional API layer between Auth0 and the user browser that will serve user information condition-based.

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