Is there a way to get the reset password link via change_password call?

I have an API that calls Auth0’s dbconnections/change_password to send reset password links to the client via email. However, for records purposes we also want to record the actual link that Auth0 sends to the client. Is it possible to do that?

What we did previously is to trigger a password change ticket API (tickets/password-change) to generate the link for records purposes, then make a call to dbconnections/change_password to send reset password link to the client but the links generated by these two were different and one invalidates another.


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You can’t get the password change link from dbconnections/change_password. The only way to track the password change link would be to generate a ticket ( tickets/password-change ), and then use your own email provider to send the link to the user. You can read more about this in our docs about custom email handling:

Your document doesn’t have any information of how to use tickets/password-change

It only has a link to Change Users' Passwords