Is there a way for email verification links to not error on subsequent uses?

We are using the universal login pages along with built in email verification for email/password created accounts. When a user uses a link a second time (which the seem to a lot), the link errors instead of saying that their email address is validates, or already verified. This leads to at least 75% of our support issues with user signup.

We have changed wording on these email verification result pages that the link can only be used once, to logout and back in, though as we all know, nobody reads and this hasn’t been very successful.

Is there a way where the link shows success on subsequent uses?

We noticed a alreadyVerifiedDescription value which can be set on the form, though are assuming this is only used if we generated a new validation token/ticket for a user with an email already validated.

Thank you for any assistance or advice on this issue as it is a support nightmare.

In the company I work for all links are scanned by a bot first to weed out phishing/malware etc., which means the link has been ‘used’ already before it gets into my inbox.
A lot of the customers we interact with are in the same position - large corporations with policies that can’t be changed.

Perhaps this is the source of your issues too?

I can’t think what a solution could be other than re-use for email verification (is it bad if you verify more than once), perhaps a grace period for password reset emails?

Interesting feedback, I didn’t think of that and we have certainly run into issues with email scanners in the past (e.g. opt-out links :wink:)

Why would it be bad to verify more than once/show that the email is already verified?