Is there a good way for storing common values in actions

I want to use the same values across multiple actions.
Writing them on every action is hard to maintenance so I want to know the best solution.

I come upon the following two ways, but they seem not to be the best.

  • Use application metadata
    Values can be gained through client_metadata but we need to change all application metadata instead of actions.

  • Use Secrets
    Unlike rules, each actions has separate secrets. Also, I don’t need values to be secret.

Hey there!

Let me discuss it with the team and get back to you shortly!

I was asked by the team to ask you for more details around the usecase so we can provide some advice

Hi there,

For example, I want to store these values:

  • namespace
  • url of backend api

These values are used across multiple actions and different from environments(local, staging, production, etc).
Currently, these values need to be defined for each action and rewritten for each environment.

Simply put, I want to use global configurations that existed in rules.
ref: Store Rule Configurations

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Gotchya! Let me follow-up with the team!

I also have this same question and I cannot find any proper answers on the internet and also need a solution.

Hey there!

I just received a follow-up from the team. Unfortunately sharing configuration values across multiple actions isn’t supported quite yet - but the team is working on it! Today you might have to store these values as “secrets” in each action.

Thanks for sharing. I found a lot of interesting information here!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to the release of that feature.

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No worries! Will let you know as soon as it’s there!

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