Configuration in actions

I am trying to convert rules to actions, and have hit a stumbling block when it comes to configuration. With rules, I can create key/value config entries separately to creating the rules. Secrets do not fit my use case, as the config is shared between multiple actions and needs to be created without a reference to the actions (fun with terraform). I tried using client metadata, but the limit of 10 slots and 255 characters made that a dead end.

Within the action code editor, I can see an event.config object, but it is always empty. Is there a way to get data in there?

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @chris.dixie,

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First, I would like to clarify that in Rules, the Key/Value pairs stored in the configuration are accessible to any Rule and not specific to one.

Unlike in Actions, the secrets are stored in the individual Action and only accessible within that script. In other words, the secrets are not shared across multiple Actions.

Unfortunately, the best way to replicate the same behavior in Actions as you did in Rules is to continue using the secrets feature. In this case, you may need to include a Key/Value pair secret for each script that uses them.

There isn’t a way to create a global Key/Value secret like you have seen previously with Rules.

I hope this answers your questions.

Please let me know how it goes.

Thank you.

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