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Is there a concept of a service account in Auth0



I’m not sure what the appropriate Auth0 or even OpendID term to use is, but I would like to provide a customer with credentials for them to use when calling a number of my services, (API’s, MQTT broker) without having to go through a ‘login’ process in their application code.
So, they can write their applications with the credentials I provide them (or they manage themselves… third party accounts?)


If your concept of service account is similar to the concept used by Google in their docs then what you’re looking for is credentials that are not associated to an end-user and instead are associated to an application.

If that’s the case then yes, the Auth0 service also has support for the OAuth 2.0 grant that allows for this scenario. You should read the reference documentation at:

Have in mind that your particular situation as an additional detail that really matters; you’re going to provide the credentials to a third-party so the client application should be marked as such; check the third-party client docs for more information about this.


Awesome, that makes sense, thanks for your help