Is the limit of 3 Enterprise Connections on each Organization or each Auth0 Tenant?

I need clarification on B2B 3 enterprise connection limit. We are developing a product for our client that will be used by educational institutes staff. They hopefully onboard 10-20 institutes in a year and probably ~100 institutes in the next 3-4 years. They want to provide single sign-on to most of the institutes with their work emails. If we create an organization for each institute then an Enterprise connection will be required to use an existing AD or OIDC server for authentication for each organization. If this 3 enterprise connection limit is for an organization then all other features and pricing fit well in our use case. If this limit is on the tenant level then what is the pricing model for each additional enterprise connection?

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The 3 enterprise connection limit is per production tenant.

Any questions outside of what you see on that page should be directed to our sales team.


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