Is it Possible to Upload an External File and Access that File from Actions?

Problem statement

Is it possible to prepare an external file and load that file from Actions?

Example authentication flow:

  1. User logs into an app
  2. Search the user’s user_id in an Action. (For example, the user id is “auth0|aaabbbccc”)
  3. Actions refers to an external file and checks if the user_id exists.
    ↓There are 10,000 user ids totally in external file.
  4. The user_id was found in the file.


It is not possible to “upload” a file into Actions, and each Action should not exceed 100 kB. You can store secrets, whose values have a maximum length of 2048 characters, and you can make fetch requests to an external APIs. Although be aware that request to external APIs should be scoped appropriately and can introduce more latency and possible errors into user login flows, which may have an impact on the performance of your system. You can review more details on these limitations in the documentation linked below: