Is it possible to log a user in without knowing their password?

We are creating a web application that creates the Auth0 user during our signup process. After the user is created, we want to log the user into our website automatically. Right know we are doing this by generating a random password for the user and using that password to log them in the first time. But, in order to log the user in the second time, I believe we need to know the user's password (which we aren't saving and do not know).

Is there a way to log a user in without knowing their password? Is there a better way of going about this login flow? Thanks for the help!

To create a database connection user, a password will need to be set. One option you have is to create the user using a randomly generated password, then trigger a password reset for that user, which will send an email to the user allowing them to “reset” it.

In saying that, if your application will require a user login functionality, it would be worth capturing the user’s password during the signup process.

Thank you for your response and for the suggestions @prashant! I will take this back to our team and we will discuss how we will approach this.