Creating user password through auth0

Hi, this is my first question here.

currently creating a user I generate a password in my back and send everything for the user to access.

I want to change the flow, I need that when creating the user account in auth0 and in my database, auth0 takes care of generating the password and sends it to the user or returns it to my server and i will send it.

my subscription : “Developer”
previously i read about: “password reset link”

thank you very much for your help

Hi there.
Regarding the policy of Auth0, the password is hashed and can not decode (I believe so), and they do not provide user password publicly. However you can raise the ticket to request the support (Reference: Export Data), but it take time and I guest that it is not a good solution for your product.
My proposal is just let Auth0 handle all the user case of Authentication, and notification via email as well. All we need is customizing the email template for our branding.
If you would like to have the advance development, you could pull the user-data by API, store it in your database, then extend from it. Following is the API to pull user-data : Auth0 Management API v2

Hope it can help.