Database Users - workflow for creating, verifying and resetting password (by user)

I am new to Auth0. I have it all working, in terms of openid connect and core. Great. Now I was users to be able to signup (create an account), that account (name/email) will be stored in auth0 custom database option.
The user should get an email with a link to verify their account. The user should also get emails for resetting password, notification of expiration etc.

Is there help documentation at Auth0 on how to set this up for custom users in a database at Auth0?



When you try to reset pass an email with link to reset password will be trigger to the user as per flow. Are you unable to receive that email?

Yes…question is more…is the entire account creation, password reset, verification performed by auth0 OR am i redirecting the user back to my application where I have to make api calls to complete the process?

No, auth0 will handle all these things in background. You won’t need to do it manually.

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Yep that is correct!

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