Is it possible to create a user so that he can be assigned to a certain database?

Hello everyone :grinning:
I just started looking into Auth0 as I want a really good authentication and not something half baked.

Now I have the question if the following scenario is possible:

Let’s say the users of my application can belong to a certain group, this group will then be assigned to their database.

Do I have the possibility to extend the user schema with Auth0 and store to which database or group they belong, and if so, how can I give this information back to the frontend (React App), so that in the further course in the API (Node) the requests are made against the selected database?

If the scenario is not understandable, I can provide more info.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @manuel.poelzl1,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

If you need to store some additional data in the user profile, you can use the user’s metadata. Take a look at that doc and let me know if you have any questions!

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Hey @dan.woda,

Thanks for the link to the documentation, I’ll take a look!

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No problem! Please let us know if you run into anything else.

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