Is it possible to add oauth authentication to GPTS?

Currently, I have created an API using nextjs.
I want to create a feature in chatgpt new feature gpts where users can access our api.

When a user is in a conversation and wants to log in, they need to authenticate with Oauth, is it possible to implement this using Auth0?

Yes, it is possible to implement OAuth authentication using Auth0 in your Next.js application. Auth0 provides a Next.js SDK that makes it easy to integrate Auth0 with your application. You can use the Auth0 Next.js SDK to handle user authentication, including features like login, logout, and sign-up (Reference).

To integrate Auth0 with your Next.js application, you need to configure Auth0 by following the instructions provided in the Auth0 Next.js SDK guide [3]. This guide explains how to install the Auth0 Next.js SDK, configure Auth0, add a dynamic API route handler, and manage the authentication state using the UserProvider component. It also provides a login link that you can add to your application (Reference).

By integrating Auth0 with your Next.js application, you can ensure secure and seamless authentication for your users, allowing them to access your API while maintaining the necessary security measures.