Is Inheritied Trust Supported?

Does Auth0 support multi-device authentication using the “inherited trust” model as explained in this article For example, with, a user does not need to enter her credentials to sign-in. The user only needs to scan a QR code on an already authenticated device, and the user is automatically logged into If this is not supported, can you please advise if this is something on the roadmap or is this something that clients should implement themselves (any examples will help)? Thanks!

Hey there @pradheepa!

As far as I know we do not provide such feature but let me research a bit to confirm it!

Thanks @konrad.sopala! Please keep me updated on your findings :slight_smile:

Hey there @pradheepa!

It seems that we don’t offer something like that. The feature that we offer that is quite similar to it is SSO (single sign on), so basically using the services your are already logged in to log into another service.

However if you’d like to submit your case as a feature request you’re more than welcome to do it directly reaching out to our product team via our feedback site:

providing as much context around what you’re trying to build as possible. Let me know if you have any other question!

Hi @konrad.sopala, thanks. To be specific, I just realised this particular flow is called OAuth2 Device Flow using the grant type “device_code” as explained by this article,

Perfect! Glad you were able to find it!

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