Implementing a whatsapp web style of QR code login

How could you implement similar login flow to a web application like what the WhatsApp web uses? Hopefully utilizing plugins/extensions etc. already found in e.g. Auth0 market place?


  1. User wants to login to a web app in desktop
  2. User is redirected to universal login page
  3. User selects option Login with mobile app “xyz”
  4. User is shown a QR-code in desktop browser
  5. User reads the QR-code in a mobile app “xyZ” where he is already logged in as user A
  6. The login flow in desktop continues and user is logged in as user A in the web app in the desktop browser

The step 3. connection in universal login could be a custom enterprise or social connection redirecting to the QR code login page.

I didn’t find anything relevant when searching the Marketplace or Extensions for anything that could be used to implement this kind of 1st factor authentication method.

Is this fully custom zone?

Maybe device authorization flow could implement this kind of flow?

Developing a QR code login feature akin to WhatsApp Web offers convenience and security. Users can easily authenticate by scanning a code with their mobile device, streamlining the login process while ensuring data protection. It’s a modern and user-friendly approach to access.

User attempts to log in to a desktop web
app and opts for Login with mobile app via xyz.
A QR code appears on the desktop. Using the mobile app xyZ,
logged in as user A, the user scans the QR code, seamlessly logging into the desktop browser as user A in the web app.